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2pay4you works by combining the fundamental principles of a fund transfer into a simple online process. It allows users to make instant payments and to make money transfers securely throughout the Internet, opening unique opportunities to Internet users and owners of the Internet businesses.

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Multi Currency Wallet

2Pay4You offers a broad range from different currencies.

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Your deposits and withdrawals are processed promptly. The deposits are booked and the withdrawals executed in a fast way

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Lightning Fast Payments

Through our latest payment technology, as a 2Pay4you User you can profit from lightning fast transfers.

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Automated Invoice System

For every incoming and outgoing transaction, the system will generate an automated invoice to be sent to your email.

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Affiliate Program

Become our Partner and be a part in building the best Payment solution on the market.

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What is 2Pay4You?

Unlike other providers, 2Pay4You reacted on the financial market's turmoil.​The increasing withdrawal of banks from their leading position in processing payments, issuing cards or offering high speed transactions resulted in the need of innovative alternatives.

Highly efficient and to fair conditions. Our systems fulfill the legal requirements to prevent Money Laundering or Terrorism Financing and connects the advantages of different payment models and their initiators into one leading and fully working system that everyone can apply for.